Catching Up with 50 Years of Systems Science

I first began working on systems in high school by organizing a small group of my classmates into the Research Society Systems (RSS) [in those days I was prematurely crazy about acronyms, neologisms, and outlines, and still confess I am]. RSS was to be a professional society for researching all types of systems for improving societal systems. As young as we were in 1959, we already foresaw the explosion of interest in recognizing the similarities between what would first appear to be entirely different complex systems.

I was very religious in those days, and also thought that the universals of natural systems were a type of modern wisdom that might be compared fruitfully with the ancient wisdom of old philosophies and religions. To this day I am enamored of this possibility.

Now I am working most on creating the many pages of specific topical areas of my Lifework so that I can attach half a century of products to them for your use. When this is completed, I hope to use these blog pages to report on the most current activities and discoveries in this domain.

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  1. Hey, Len! Glad to see your beautiful new site is up!

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