Systems Pathology Team

This is a listing of those collaborators who have a special interest in applying the System of Systems Processes Theory (SoSPT) to the field of top-down Systems Pathology. This new field focuses on mistakes in systems architecture, motifs, circuits, subgraphs, patterns at the general systems level as opposed to those who look at pathology at the systems level of human anatomy and physiology, or at errors in particular molecules or organelles in systems biology.

This list is constantly changing as collaborators join or leave this virtual community.

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  1. Goncalo Cristovao Semedo Esteves says:

    Dear Len Troncale it was a pleasure meeting you at the IW2017.

    I was at your session and listened carefully and with great joy on Isomorphic Processes and SPT.

    There was a question that we’ve had some time to seek, that was, How do we know what are the steps in a process? What is that law that regulates that? How do we know that something for a process is complete?

    This was in the session break, then my WG met and I had to go.

    I wanted to reach out to say that I found a clue on some of my questions when dealing with making process levels ( for organizations) and the definitions are a bit fluffy and with no science around. It would be amazing to get a way to describe Enterprise Systems and seek improvement with the laws and work that you’ve shared.

    Here is a part of my experience at the IW and thank you, feel free to share. Millionaires in Knowledge – Join a Culture of Inclusiveness


    Could we connect via LinkedIn? and more important, I believe that an Investigation of Isomorphic processes could be done for Business Systems ( they should obey to some laws and processes) do you have any material for this research?
    I’d really like to learn more on how to utilize Systems Science to Systems Thinking and Engineering and Process thinking

    Thanks in advance for your time!

    Kind Regards

    Gonçalo Esteves
    Process & Systems Thinking Evangelist
    US : + 1 862 222 7154
    Skype: goncalocristovaoesteves

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