Bio Education (8)

LT joined the faculty of the Biology Department of the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in 1970 just after earning his Ph.D. at Catholic University  and interviewing at the Illinois Institute of Technology and Caltech. For most of his 45 years teaching, he taught classes every quarter on genetics, evolution and 23 additional courses. For an overview of courses taught, see the list in the first sub-button. It contains only the titles. For the most frequent courses, see the other sub-buttons on levels of biology for syllabi, outlines, and handouts for the most frequently or recently taught courses ranging from genetic, cell and molecular, to bioinformatics, and systems biology.

There was a strong faculty in Microbiology when LT joined Cal-Poly Pomona, but he was responsible for initiating the following courses that were not taught at all until he introduced them:

  • Concepts of Molecular Biology (now a core course)
  • Techniques of Molecular Biology (now a core course)
  • Biology of Cancer (no longer taught; or drastically altered)
  • Biology of Aging (no longer taught; or drastically altered)
  • Man and Environment series (no longer taught)
  • All the systems courses under the “Systems Education” pull-down button



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