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In neither chronological or topical order, some humble submissions:

“To Avoid Paradox Is to Abolish Becoming.”   LT

“Be What You Say Should Be.”   LT

“Love transforms burdens to blessings.” LT from a longer version, that sates every necessary activity, when performed with an attitude of love, is transformed to a burden to a blessing (e.g. babies, sex) also related

“Love transforms the necessary to the emergent.”  LT

“The society that loses the power and facility to innovate, dies.” LT ghostwritten as part of a speech for the honorable E.Q. Daddario (D-Conn) in 1968 [see Science (1968) “On Academic Science and the Federal Government.”] but this was written by Troncale

“Dogma is the Mind-Killer”  LT

“Do Unto Other Systems as you would have done to Yourself as a System.” LT part of Plenary Talk before What Is Technology Conference, University of Oregon, 2019

“Nature avoids complexity; while it inevitably generates complexity.” (numerous emails)

“The universe spins-off the very same general system, over and over again, but at different scales.” (at different times; of different parts).” (numerous powerpoints especially USSO ones)

“Doubt is the tail side of the coin Faith.”  LT postulated when he was in the seminary studying to become a Catholic Priest from 1961 to the first half of 1963.

“Many of the Church Fathers of today are the Pharisee’s of yesterday.”  LT when in the seminary the order of Priests he was studying for were going to send him to Rome as their young representative. Rather than causing him to remain in the seminary, this partially scared him away, because he was sure he would be found not sufficiently a believer in the strict Church dogma’s and he would be excommunicated by the Curia.




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