Mission Impossible

There are several purposes, emphases, or foci for my Lifework.

  • to transform systems theory to more of a science;
  • to investigate in detail the mechanics of “how systems work;”
  • to investigate in detail the mechanics of “how systems don’t work” (or Systems Pathology – mimicking the two or three thousand history of medicine in rigor);
  • to unify systems theories;
  • to investigate the possibility of bridges between the secular (science) and the sacred (spirituality)
  • to apply systems perspectives to biological research (from systems biology of the cell, to development and differentiation, to systems ecology);
  • to understand the origins and evolution of the nucleus;
  • to counteract the fragmentation of knowledge into isolated specialties;
  • to provide a multimedia curriculum for cross-disciplinary education;

 Mission: to overcome the obstacles to transdisciplinary thinking embedded in government, academic organization, publishing organizations, and libraries

One Response to Mission Impossible

  1. Steve Wallis says:

    Impressive and admirable! And, I share many of those goals. After all, the impossible goals are the best ones to strive for!

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