Systems Courses LT Taught

Even with the titles seeming to be on applied topics, the following courses were focused on using systems isomorphies as teaching themes and so were organized according to and delivered significant systems knowledge: (pdf files on syllabi and course arrangements for some of these follow the listing):

  1. Man and Environment I: Natural Resources (CSA 201)
  2. Man and Environment II: Organizational Systems (CSA 202)
  3. Man and Environment III: Culture and Values (CSA 203) [fused with 202, 1990]
  4. Integrated Science (CSA 251)*
  5. Comparative Science of Origins (CSA 309) (as Visiting Prof, UCSD)
  6. History and Philosophy of Systems Science (CSA 300)
  7. General Systems Theory I (CSA 411)* also named Integrated Science I
  8. General Systems Theory II (CSA 412)* also named Integrated Science II
  9. General Systems Theory III (CSA 413)* also named Integrated Science III
  10. Introduction to Systems Theory (CSA 450)
  11. Ecosystems Engineering (CSA 470)
  12. Introduction to Systems Science (IME 510) core course for Masters in SE
  13. Introduction to Systems Science (SE 510) core course for Masters in SE
  14. Research Problems in Systems Science (CSA 490)
  15. Experimental Traditions in Biomedical Genetics for HHMI (Bio 499L)
  16. Theory of Hierarchical Emergence (as Visiting Prof.. Univ. of Vienna)
  17. Systems Theory Applied to Biology and Medicine (as Visiting Prof., Univ of Vienna)
  18. Tao of Systems Science: Systems Science of the Tao (as Visiting Prof.)