At build-out this site will contain copies of 370 research papers, abstracts, posters, editorials, reports, and presentation power points on systems science, systems biology, and systems engineering ranging from 1968 to 2019. Altogether this would constitute a lifework of more than 2,038 pages and xxx powerpoint slides (forgive me for death by powerpoint but remember that I am a teaching professor and so lecture-focused) with more being added every year. Most of these were published in annual conference proceedings or professional society newsletters. Thus they had very low dissemination and I retained copyright. In other cases I have included the drafts of papers before they were put in print by publishers (I am a strong adherent of the open and free movement that is growing in its resistance against publishers who think, for their profit, they can claim a lifetime’s work of a scientist simply because they put in print their results – aided by the blind publishorperish requirement of academics). I receive a continuous flow of requests to see these titles so dedicated this website to provide a service of convenience for my coworkers. Other versions of them can be found on ResearchGate (c), Mendeley (c), and LinkedIn (c).

(#) The number in parentheses after each first-level topic label indicates the total number of sub- and sub-sub topic buttons there are under that label. In this way a viewer can know at a glance the level of detail each section contains to aid them in their exploration.

Across all these related websites, we have a common sequence of professional products for each individual button (topic) as shown below, that is, you will always find articles first, then posters, then reports, then Power Points, then Abstracts that are from a half-page to a page and a half, then Editorials, which are more like opinions. Here are some salient statistics on the total content of this site at present (continuously changing):

  • 33 Research Papers
  • 28 Research Posters
  • 4 Other Posters
  • 1 Reports
  • 6 PPt Presentations
  • 7 Abstracts
  • 1 Editorials
  • OR a TOTAL of 80 works to-date

The contents are organized in a hierarchy of topics and sub-topics to allow anyone to browse thru the content categories following their interests. All documents on a particular topic are found in the that category represented in the pull-down command line. Or one can browse the site map or keyword clusters and go directly to a topical area. Please note that sometimes a work is found in more than one category because of my pervading goal of synthesis, integration and unification; those redundant copies of a document usually address two or more subtopics simultaneously so are included under each topic so a viewer interested in one of the topics, but not the other, still gets the information they are seeking.

8 Responses to Home

  1. Amanda says:

    Hi grandpa

    • Dev Admin Dev Admin says:

      Hi Granddaughter: I hope to add many more articles soon. Hope you have time to read some of them. Congratulations on your first acting experiences. Love you, Granddaddy Len

  2. Grace Bergeron says:

    I would like to know if you have articles that you have published within the last ten years regarding quantitative research methods? I would love to read your thoughts.

    Thank you.

    Grace Bergeron

  3. Linda Peeno, MD says:

    Len, this is a long lost aquaintance who was just thinking about you. Actually, I think about you quite often but was just following a truck that had a company name “Troncale.” How are you? Retired yet? I would love to hear from you. Linda

  4. Tom Scholte says:

    HI Len:

    We met in Corvallis where I very much enjoyed a number of your presentations (both for content and the infectious way you blend your passionate belief in what you are doing with disarming self-deprecating humour) as well as our discussion on Pattern Theory. I said I would be in touch asking for your legendary list of system isomorphies and, well, here I am. You might remember that I teach in the Department of Theatre and Film at UBC so I would love to know more about your grand-daughters acting pursuits!


  5. Jack Ring says:

    TKU for the website.
    I think it will help most systems researchers and practitioners appreciate and apply your decades of findings.
    Jack Ring

  6. Michael Kazanjian says:

    Hi Dr. Troncale:

    During the 60s and 70s I was in communications with a Jere W. Clark of Southern Connecticut State University or College. He mentioned your name a few times.

    Do you call him? Feel free to response to my email, [email protected]

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