Linkage Proposition Research

This section is devoted to listing the 150+ LPs documented to date; the method to find new LPs in the natural science and systems science literature; how to organize the LPs; how to construct concept maps and graphic networks of the LPs; plus a catalogue of concept maps generated so far.

Here is the latest paper on Linkage Propositions. The SPT refers to the final acronym for the GST (actually in the paper an earlier acronym, SoSPT, or sometimes SP3T is used; we have settled on SPT as the final and simplest acronym to use). The talk was presented at the xxth annual conference of the ISSS in San Jose, California. The power points for that talk follow the Proceedings Paper:

SPT II.: How to Find & Map Linkage Propositions for a GTS from the Natural Sciences Literature (2012, McNamara and Troncale)

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