Research Teams

Here is a list of collaborators on all aspects of the Systems Processes Theory (SPT). At the recommendation of some of these workers we also call the theory SP3T, for “Systems Processes, Patterns, and Pathologies Theory.” The listings below include those who work: (i) on researching any one of the systems processes adding to the 20 categories of data on each; (ii) on clustering of systems processes into functional groupings, hierarchical categories, or building a meaningful ontology or taxonomy of systems processes; (iii) on the Linkage Propositions that express how any one systems process influences another; (iv) on producing concept maps, graphics, or UMLs of the systems processes and linkage propositions; and (v) on producing usability logo’s for the systems processes and the general systems model.

This list is constantly changing and being updated as workers join or migrate to different aspects of work on the theory.

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