Artificial Systems Research

Artificial Systems Research refers to our efforts to place the SoSPT theory in virtual reality much like researchers on Artificial Life placed virtual biosystems in virtual reality to explore genetics and evolution. This would enable adding or subtracting different sets of systems processes to see how these alterations effect sustainability of the resulting systems. The fact that virtual reality in computer space can go through vast numbers of events, time, and trials overnight rather than over billions of years might enable a better understanding of the contribution of each specific SP and LP to how systems work.

Although Dr. T. gave ppt presentations on this for two decades at annual conferences such as ICCS (Int’l Conf. on Complex Systems run by NECSI) and ISSS (Int’l Society for the Systems Sciences), the first written publication to appear was this one delivered at the CSER (Conf. on Systems Engineering Research) in 2011.

An Investigative Model of How complex Systems Work: “Artificial Systems Research” Based on Natural Systems Science (2011, Troncale)

A more recent paper elaborated on the original idea. Delivered at the CSER in 2014, it expanded on the original paper above and substituted “virtual” for “artificial” on the advice of the co-author Luke Friendshuh. We originally used “artificial” to show this efforts relationship to the many successful books and conferences on “artificial life.” But Luke pointed out that in the realm of computer simulation the term “virtual” was a possibly more appropriate term.

Artificial Systems Research II: Building the Foundations Using Systems Processes (2014, Friendshuh and Troncale)


Artif Sys Res Project 31s

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  1. Hi Len! I’m so glad to find your blog. And this entry is quite exciting. My dissertation explored this very concept with the use of agent-based virtual laboratories, which is now the main direction of my research. I hope I can get together the funds to discuss this with you in Viet Nam this year!

    • Dev Admin Dev Admin says:

      Hi Nick, So good to hear from you. More than a blog, this website will soon carry all those papers no one could get to see before as explained in the “home” button. In fact, because of your comment here, I will add today a recent paper on Artificial Systems Research that I gave before INCOSE (the Int’l Council for Systems Engineering). It will explain what I mean by that phrase. Sounds like it is distinct from, but still related to your work on agent-based virtual labs. It is good that you are focusing on this area as a main direction of research because I think it has a strong future. As for Viet Nam, I do not have the funds to go and will not be there. If you see anything in the INCOSE paper that spurs discussion, let’s Skype or just make a section of this blog on that. Len

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