Systems Engineering (5)

During the years 2010 until now, work on the Systems Processes Theory (SPT) has proceeded with the help of several systems engineers who are working together under the auspices of a joint memo of agreement and cooperation between INCOSE (the Int’l Council on Systems Engineering (SE)) and ISSS (the Int’l Society for the Systems Sciences (SS)). INCOSE has established a working group on systems science (SSWG) that has been running multi-day Workshops every year on SPT and SE. Two of the projects use the SPT to provide a framework for the anticipated integration of the many fragmented systems theories extant and for work on a new field called Systems Pathology (see this websites button hierarchy). A third project concerned itself with the difficulties in current communication between SE and SS as well as between the many extant systems theories. These four recent papers are products of those three projects for INCOSE:

Can a “Science” Of Systems Contribute to Systems Engineering? (2012c, Troncale)

An unambiguous language for systems process design and engineering (2014, Ring and Troncale)

From Systems “Thinking” to a Science of Systems Processes Engineering: Similarities, Differences, Synergies (2014, Troncale)

Sysinformatics & Systems Mimicry: New Fields Emerging from a “Science” of Systems Processes Engineering (2014, Troncale)

Assessment of a Socio-Technical System using Systems Processes Theory and Systems Pathology (2014, Gilbert & Troncale)



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