“Toto it doesn’t look like we’re in Kansas anymore.” Indeed, modern physics Theories of Everything (hereafter TOE) challenge our simple conception of the real world around us. But explaining the fundamentals do not explain completely the form and function of the manifest systems that have arisen since ~13.6 BYA and that are arising now. TOE might explain the constraints on the systems that arise and the landscape upon which they must function, but not their particular manifestations. For that one needs a true “science” of systems to explain their isomorphic nature. Why we must ask ourselves, do manifest systems of all kinds, separated by vast amounts o time, different in myriads of particular parts and interactions, at their most fundamental abstract systems architecture levels show the same systems processes and linkages?? This feature of our universe begs our attention as much as the lowest level physical constraints. Thus these works on application of our Systems Processes Theory (SPT) to THE OTHER THEORY OF EVERYTHING (hereafter TOTOE). This section contains our definition of TOTOE and how SPT might fulfill the promise.

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