Some of my collaborators have been faithful advisors, contributors, helpers, enablers, calming influences for ten years or more. I have devoted a page to each here so that I can credit them for their specific times, contributions, and interests. For some of them below, they are also included as names on the various Research Teams under another button. But for others they are only included here. Where possible and when it is agreeable to them, I provide contact information..

There is no priority order in the listing of partners. They are simply listed alphabetically. It is impossible to measure in any way the relative value of their contributions and the extent and time of their support of my efforts to serve the people by elucidating biological and systems knowledge bases. I am indebted and grateful to all of them. Here is a listing of what follows:

  1. Todd Bowers, Dr. (computer science programmer; first CSA graduate)
  2. James Clover (computer science programmer)
  3. Beau Davidson, Dr. (past College of Science Dean)
  4. Luke Friendshuh (computer memory specialist;
  5. IAS Fellows (see below)
  6. Edward C. Hohmann, Dr. (past Assoc. Dean, College of Engineering)
  7. Glenn Kageyama, Dr. (neuroscientist)
  8. Anita Klein (main assistant to CPP President’s
  9. Robert Kramer, Dr. (First President, CPP)
  10. James Martin, Dr.
  11. Leeland Liu
  12. Nick Magliocca (geologist
  13. Michael Mann
  14. Tom Marzolf ()
  15. Curt McNamara ()
  16. Hampton Miller (computer science programmer)
  17. Howard T. Odum, Dr. ()
  18. Lynn Rasmusssen
  19. Bill Schindel ()
  20. Janet and Michael Singer ()
  21. Robert T. Suzuki, Dr. (Third President, CPP)
  22. Glenn Troncale
  23. Peter Tuddenham, Dr. ()
  24. Jennifer Wilby, Dr. ()

For the above, IAS Fellows refers to some of my professional colleagues at the California State Polytechnic University who served and helped me as Director of the Institute for Advanced Systems Studies during its 40 years of operation (1972 to 2008). Sadly many have passed away (I was an Assistant Professor while they were all Full Professors). Here are the names of the most persevering, longest and most active (again alphabetically):

  1. John Biddle, Dr. (mechanical engineer)
  2. Chris Caenepeel, Dr. (chemical engineer)
  3. Ross Figgins, Dr.  (author; Ass’t Dir., IAS)
  4. Ruth Harmer, Dr. (author; english & modern languages)
  5. Larry Herber, Dr.  (geologist)
  6. Chung Lee, Dr.  (computer scientist)
  7. Ron Quinn, Dr. (ecologist)
  8. Emilio Stanley, Dr. (
  9. Mark von Wodkte, Dr. (landscape architect)
  10. Richard Saul Wurman, Dr. (architect; inventor of TED talks)