Software Businesses (15)

Since my beginnings as a professor in 1970, I immediately began inventing new software programs in order to enhance my productivity. Here I divide those efforts into three categories to simplify coverage and add sub- and sub-sub-buttons under each for specific ideas, products, and enterprises:

  • Concepts
  • Programs
  • Enterprises

Even before 1970, while a graduate student, I became involved with computerized data bases, first, working for the Smithsonian Institution (in Washington, D.C. where I was a graduate student at the Catholic University of America) and then in the Interdisciplinary Communications Program (ICP) of the Smithsonian. The latter, perhaps prophetically, when it was part of the N.Y. Academy of Science, was the sponsor of the xxxxx Symposia, which was the source of the first systems Isomorphy (feedback) and Norbert Weiner’s book on Cybernetics. At the ICP, I was the Coordinator of the series of meetings on the Technological Augmentation of Cognition attended for weeks at a time by such notables as Papert, Suppes, and more.