Why Biology?

Following my religious orientation and naturally “detached” persona, I always expected to go to the seminary. My father would not let me until after high school, he said, to be sure I understood what I was giving up. I truly enjoyed high school, playing on the basketball team the first year, playing football on the junior varsity, writing the by-laws for the drama club, acting in several plays, being a student politician, etc. etc. But I still wanted to try the seminary and did after high school for 1.5 years. See the following memoir essay about those days

On leaving the seminary (there are personal memoir essays on this too), I had to choose the focus for the rest of my life’s work. I decided to become a medical doctor. Well I rapidly ran out of money for that and nearly flunked a course in Comparative Anatomy the first semester out of the seminary. So I gradually migrated to biology research from medicine with a prolonged flirtation with acting in college (more personal essays).

My logic in choosing biological science was influenced by my orientation

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