BioSystem Applications

There are two levels at which systems isomorphies can be applied to living systems. One is at the “basic” research level. How can Isomorphies suggest new hypotheses for testing or new methods for increasing understanding of biosystems at the cell and molecular levels (which also are systems-levels). The other is applying a knowledge of isomorphies directly to recognized bio-dysfunctions and diseases.

Here is an example of using systems knowledge to explore otherwise unformulated hypotheses. The doctoral thesis of Dr. Troncale (circa 1970) and his first-time suggestion that there might be a nuclear network of proteins and RNA that guided selection of gene batteries (his ancestral attachment site) led to the early work on nuclear matrix (some 3000 research publications), which in its more recent times has become research on chromosome territories and evolution of the eukaryotic nucleus. For these specific programs, see the part of this website on BioResearch.

In the second category, direct application to curing diseases, we include the following attempts to directly apply isomorphies like fractals and chaos to curing cancer.

Six Case Studies of Empirically-Based Chaos/Fractal Research: Does Chaos/Fractal Analysis Yield Isomorphies For General Systems Theories (1990c, Troncale)