LT was awarded three grants in a row by the New Program Development and Innovation Program of the CSU systems and the Chancellor’s office in his first three years at Cal Poly Pomona. These resulted in design of a program in Multidisciplinary Techniques. In fact, the forerunner of the IAS mentioned elsewhere in this website was the Institute for Multidisciplinary Programs (IMP). All of the following courses were team-taught by faculty from a span of departments, not just the biology department.

Man and Environment I: Natural Resources (CSA xxx)

Man and Environment II: (CSA xxx)

Man and Environment III: (CSA xxx)

Bioinformatics (Bio xxx):

LT also was one of the faculty committee that initiated the Program in Biotechnology which has survived and become one of the key majors of the modern Biological Science Department at Cal Poly.

All of the “systems” course listed under the Systems Education pull-down button are also innovative and interdisciplinary.