Organizations (6)

This section contains explanations of the specific work I have done for several professional societies and research institutes in the general area of systems studies, together with links to their main websites and to associated websites for various ongoing projects that impact my lifework. Reactions to the analyses and editorial comments included here are welcome in the blogpost portion of each subsection.

Organization Highlights are:

  • Founding Director, Institute for Advanced Systems Studies, CSU, 1973-present
  • Project Lead, Unifying Systems Theories, INCOSE, 2010-present
  • Project Lead, Developing Systems Pathology, INCOSE, 2010-present
  • Chair, Biology Department, Sept 1, 1997-Dec 31, 2001
  • Chair, Systems Pathology SIG, ISSS, 2001-present
  • Chair, Systems Biology & Evolution SIG, ISSS, 2002-present
  • Vice President and Managing Director, ISGSR,
  • President of the ISSS, 1990
  • Member, Board of Directors, IFSR
  • Initiated the ISSS Council of SIG Chairs

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