Systems Pathology

One spinoff from the Systems Processes Theory (SPT) is the new specialty of Systems Pathology. This new emphasis looks for generic diseases at the systems architecture level. There pre-exists areas of “systems-level” consideration of diseases in several fields, e.g. classic medical pathology, the new systems biology, and in the studies of cell and molecular biology. But this new field highlights a “top-down” approach and strategy instead of those “bottom-up” strategies. Here is a foundational paper that describes these differences and introduces strategies and terminologies for initial development of the new emphasis. It identifies five “classes” of top-down systems diseases that are discipline-independent, scale-independent, tool-independent, and domain-independent. It also elaborates on these five classes by noting some 25 specific systems diseases.

Research Papers: Citation: Troncale, L. (2011) “Would A Rigorous Knowledge Base in Systems Pathology Add Significantly to the SE Portfolio,” CSER’11 Proceedings, Conference on Systems Engineering Research, April 14-16, Redondo Beach, Ca., pp.

Would a Rigorous Knowledge Base in Systems Pathology Add Significantly to the Systems Engineering Portfolio? (2011, Troncale)

Some Early Presentations (Powerpoints):

Although Dr. T. has presented a number of

2019 4/11/19 Portland State University Presentation

PSU’19 Seminar on SysPath

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    Finally got around to accessing this. You’ve set up a good framework here.

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