Systems Education (5)

These sections are on the several innovative educational projects of the Institute for Advanced Systems Studies (IAS) of California State Polytechnic University, and of ISIS (Institute for Systems-Integrated Sciences) that is just now forming as a cross-campus, cross-discipline, cross-college Institute that serves a growing Systems Faculty Fellowship across the 23 campuses of the CSUS (California State University System).

Subheadings are included on a Minor offered at CSPU, planned ISIS courses on Systems Biology, Earth Systems Science, Systems and Sustainability, Systems Chemistry, Systems Neuroscience, Systems Immunology and others as on-line, distanced learning courses for students across California taught by interdisciplinary teams of distributed professors.

Selection and Sequencing of Systems Concepts for Systems Education: Case Studies in Integrated Science & Environmental Sciences (1993a, Troncale)

Systems Science Concepts as Unifying Teaching Themes: Integrative Science General Education (1992a, Troncale)

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