My Own

In neither chronological or topical order, some humble submissions:

“To Avoid Paradox Is to Abolish Becoming.”   LT

“Be What You Say Should Be.”   LT

“The society that loses the power and facility to innovate, dies.” LT ghostwritten as part of a speech for the honorable E.Q. Daddario (D-Conn) in 1968 [see Science (1968) “On Academic Science and the Federal Government.”]

“Dogma is the Mind-Killer”  LT

“Do Unto Other Systems as you would have done to Yourself as a System.” LT part of Plenary Talk before What Is Technology Conference, University of Oregon, 2019

“Nature avoids complexity; while it inevitably generates complexity.” (numerous emails)

“The universe spins-off the very same general system, over and over again, but at different scales.” (at different times; of different parts).” (numerous powerpoints especially USSO ones)



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