Systems Processes Theory (SP3T)

The SP3T is an ongoing unification of many systems theories into one comprehensive and very detailed general theory of systems. It also involved integrating past systems insights and findings from 5 historical developmental phases of systems research to the conventional natural sciences literature.

This section contains subheadings for each Systems Process (SP) of the Systems Processes Theory (SPT) that I have worked on for the last half century. Each subheading contains sub-subheadings that display the collections of research articles, powerpoints, editorials and essays I have written on these particular systems processes or commentaries on development of the entire field of systems science.

It has sections that describe each of the 110 or more main systems processes, definition of systems processes, and the chief contribution of SPT, definition and lists of Linkage Propositions that describe the important mutual influences of systems processes on each other. It is this feature that makes the Unified Theory one step more complete than most theories; the interlocking net of SP’s via LP’s is a network system itself at both the most general level of explanation and the most detailed level of explanation at the same time.

A RECENT PAPER IN THIS SERIES (presented summer 2012 at ISSS, San Jose).

Identifying Fundamental Systems Processes for a General Theory of Systems (2012, Friendshuh and Troncale)

THE FIRST PAPER IN THIS SERIES: (1978; still a good overview of the entire framework for synthesis of systems sources).

Linkage Propositions Between Fifty Principle Systems Concepts (1978, Troncale)

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