Research on Dualities (2)

Dualities exist everywhere. Our argument is that they appear so widely because they are important to systems dynamics. In the System of Systems Processes Theory we have proposed a neologism for duality. We call this isomorphic phenomenon ……. “counterparity”……. to emphasize its dynamic function. Counterparity would be defined as dualities wherein there are equally matched forces (parities) that are opposite each other. For decades I have used this fundamental phenomenon as the driving force for the unbroken sequence of origins of new entities (systems) at all scales of reality from sub-atomic to human and all scales of time from the big bang till now.

  • This 30 year old paper is still relevant. It describes many cases of duality or counterparity across a wide range of size or mass scales of real systems. It also presents arguments why duality must be included in the minimum set of isomorphies that make up any general theory of systems.

1985c Duality as GST Isomorph

  • The ISSS Conference presentation (ppt) resulting from this abstract described ┬áthe utility and even necessity of dual opposites on many different scalar levels as a key part of the mechanism of emergence (origins) of those levels.

1999a (Abs) HT_DT_ET Emergence

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